Friday, February 13, 2009

The Reunion

After more than two months of working separately, it was high time for all four Miraflores Project teams - Fundraising, Community Involvement, Clinic Expansion, and Water - to meet again as one group. There was, of course, much to discuss, but in the name of brevity we'll stick to the highlights:
  • The Fundraising team has raised (from online donations, grants, and last month's happy hour) $6-7,000. Exact numbers will be known once National releases an update on online donations.
  • The Community Involvement team is planning activities that will help the assessment team engage the Miraflores community and foster the creation of a governing body for the community. The group is also hoping to start a penpal program between students here in NYC and the Miraflores elementary school.
  • To improve efficiency and better share information, the clinic expansion and water teams will start conducting joint meetings. The first such meeting will be this Monday, February 16.
  • Our Assessment Trip has been pushed back to early June (exact dates not yet known) to coincide with PFCAC's own trip. More details should emerge after the February 24 when PFCAC will hold its general meeting.
Miraflores Project general team meetings will now be held once a month. For next month's meeting we will go over the tasks each team needs to accomplish on the assessment trip and how that impacts our budget and available funds.

Thanks to Toshi for hosting this month's meeting at URS. The date, time, and location of the next meeting is TBD.